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ELI is a Belgian company founded in 1987 active since 1993 in the field of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs). Our dual goal: to offer high quality tools to improve the performances of "old" (analog) SEMs and provide a very high level technical support.

Our major products :

Up to now we have sold more than 1000 systems all around the world.

All our authorized dealers have been selected for their skill and knowledge in the SEMs, electronic and computers fields.

We have also developed several sales synergies with major SEMs manufacturers who understood the commercial benefits they can find if they offer good tools to their customers who have not yet the budget to buy a new SEM.

Thanks to our light and dynamic structure, we are ready to encounter a lot of specific needs expressed by the SEMs users.

Technical services

Sales department

Jean-Louis LECLEF
Bd Audent, 13
6000 - Charleroi
tel: +32 71 30 98 17
support [at] orionmicroscopy [dot] com
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tel: +32 71 30 98 17
support [at] orionmicroscopy [dot] com